Welcome til www.ullpledd.com


Ullpledd is the Norwegian name for wool blanket and used for keeping humans nice and warm.

The mountain families needs us to take action now.

They are all now suffering after the huge earthquakes.

Little they had, now also this is lost and it’s a major disaster.


So the main thought for this project is to help out all the children and their families in the mountain of Himalayas.

The big helping organisations are doing a great job in Nepal, but very focused for the big groups near to Kathmandu area.

We want to bring more help and info to and from the small villages in the mountains.


We will be able to do so, and you can all help us to make it possible.

What we are aiming for is your contribution with wool blankets, fleece blankets so we can keep them warm while rebuilding it all.

I`m sure most of you have some blankets no longer in use, but we can use them.


We have great friends and associates in Nepal.

Event company Highspirittreks will organize everything locally in Nepal.

This is our guarantee for the help to arrive directly where its needed.

So we will run this project with very low cost and administration, and make sure all the aid will get to the right ones.


If you want to help by money donation, its also possible.

Please look into the Contact Information page for details.


Thank you very much for your time and your contribution.

We will update you with info and photos.


Best Regards

Atle Hovstad