Practical Info

Practical Info is a standalone project with the roots in Nepal and in Norway.

We are handling everything ourselves, therefore also minimal extra cost to bring in the aid.

The aid will arrive in the Himalaya villages by our own people and sherpas.

This is the only and best possible way to help the people of Nepal.

By using locals, and our friends in the great Event Company Highspirittreks we will make sure the help will arrive.


What you can send us is blankets made of pure wool or fleece blankets.

They must of course be clean and in ok condition before you ship them.

It is possible to ship them to our Norwegian address, but we prefer that you ship them directly to Highspirittrek in Nepal.

Please see the page Contact Information for addresses.


Please do not send a lot of other clothing etc, cause the wool blanket is what we really need.

If you rather want to make a money donation it is also possible via Norwegian bank. will guarantee you that your contribution will arrive to the Children in mountain villages.